I support Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election.

That being said, I do spend a certain amount of clock cycles wondering if I've just been caught up in a trendy candidate. Obama's approach to the young, internet-savvy generation is leaps and bounds ahead of any other candidate. The support I see for him sometimes reminds me of the hype that often accompanies new bands. Hype that is carefully orchestrated by shills.

My mind has been put slightly more at ease, however, after reading this article by Lawrence Lessig.

A disclaimer: I am an ardent Lawrence Lessig devotee. Like, big time. His views on copyright and its negative effects on creativity are the best I've read. His work with Creative Commons is inspiring. Discovering his talks on Google Video was a turning point in my life. I respect this guy. Like, big time.

In the article, Lessig discusses his support of Obama. He contrasts Obama's platform with Hillary Clinton's; calling attention to Clinton's recent opposition to free presidential debates. I was suprised to learn that Lessig actually knows Obama; his confirmation of Obama as "the real deal" is reassuring. And while I do disagree with his belief that "Barack is going to win this one easily," his hopefulness is refreshing.

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