Bandit Riders

For those of you keeping score (and I do hope this number is dwindling), petroleum prices are fucking ridiculous. In the last month, the band paid anywhere between $4.50 and $5.03 for a gallon of diesel fuel (the $4.50 was on an Indian reservation in NY). As a result of big oil's "responsibility" to its shareholders, tour has been cut short. Thank you, you corporate darlings.

The upside to this, though, is that we're now able to ride RAGBRAI. We leave tomorrow for Missouri Valley, IA. God willing, come Sunday, we'll be dipping our tires in the Missouri River.

We are not physically prepared for this ride. I've been living in a van for the last month point five, and I was not planning on a ride of this scope. In a last ditch attempt to not die on RAGBRAI, I've been putting in some miles this week. Holyshit did I fall apart on my first long ride. I suppose it was silly of me to begin my "training regiment" in one of the hilliest parts of the state, but hey, you take what you can get. I was rolling on a saddle I bought from John for a six pack of Boulevard; it was a great deal, I must admit, but I couldn't really feel my ass afterwards. I've since switched to a Vetta saddle that my sit-bones are much happier with. We'll see how it performs this week.

Physical-fitness aside, I'm really excited for the ride. I tell people I'm going on RAGBRAI, and the responses range from: "Did you get in your 500 miles?" to "Don't drink too much" to "Bring lots of condoms."

Oh, Iowa, how I love thee.

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John L. said...

Go gett'em David! Sorry about the saddle. Put it on the fisher maybe?