Weekly? guru.com WTF

So hopefully this will become a regular thing--my quasi-weekly guru.com WTF. I'm a member of this site, guru.com, that matches freelance professionals with employers needing work done. I use it--with various levels of success--in an effort to completely remove myself from the physical working world. I get daily email notifications of job posts. Most are run-of-the-mill "i need a webpage to sell stupid shit that no one wants anyway" type requests, but there are also some real gems that cause me to become that creepy laughing guy in the corner of the JavaHouse. So here we go:

Category: Programming / Software / Database Development


My name is REDACTED . I am looking for a company that can create a tool that can completely remove all porn and adult websites from my link directory .

Please submit your price quote .

thank you ,


Here's my bid; and it's free, to boot! Stop looking at porn at work! Don't get me wrong, I dig electronic smut as much as the next overly-libidinous male, but there's a time and a place, my friend.

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