real before everything

(following drew's lead, i've abandoned capitalization. potential exceptions for Proper Nouns and camelCase)

in the beginning, after all, were the words, and they came with a tune. that was how the world was made, how the void was divided, how the lands and the stars and the dreams and the little gods and the animals, how all of them came into the world.

they were sung.

the great beasts were sung into existence, after the singer had done with the planets and the hills and the trees and the oceans and the lesser beasts. the cliffs that bound existence were sung, and the hunting grounds, and the dark.

songs remain. they last. the right song can turn an emperor into a laughingstock, can bring down dynasties. a song can last long after the events and the people in it are dust and dreams and gone. that's the power of songs.

there are other things you can do with songs. they do not only make worlds or recreate existence. fat charlie nancy's father, for example, was simply using them to have what he hoped and expected would be a marvelous night out.

- neil gaiman, "anansi boys"

so i'm presently living with johnny la in dc, enjoying life and doing my best to wrap my country head around the city life. save for the hours i spend looking for freelance software development gigs, it's just tops. (sidenote: if you are a straight male, craigslist has little to offer you. skip it. however, if you are a female of any stripe, craigslist can afford you the opportunity to never work another day in your life) on sunday i was paid to teach a masseur how to use pro tools and ableton live. i guess craigslist worked.

when i first got here, john was playing a lot of chris garneau. it was tolerable until i found out that chris was a dude. really, though, it was just really depressing music. it was a bit of a blessing, admittedly; given the litany of saddish music i've been coming back to in the last month, mr. garneau was the straw that broke my back.

i've since insisted upon a strict no-bummer-music policy in the apartment. draconian, perhaps, but it should be remembered that remembering a song can often get in the way of forgetting something that might best be forgotten. but frightened rabbit does get played from time to time.

songs i'm glad to be hanging out with:
"astral weeks" - van morrison
"graceland" (as in the whole album) - paul simon
"vogt dig for kloppervok" - the books
"luckiest man" - the wood brothers
"if work permits" - the format
"priority" - mos def

songs i'll meet again, another day:
"the blind leaving the blind: 1st and 2nd movements" - punch brothers
"i was only going out" - loney, dear
"suite: judy blue eyes" - crosby, stills and nash
"lack of height" - caroline smith & the good night sleeps

"i feel it all" - feist



I'm still working out the specific details, but I'm fairly certain the key to life is hidden somewhere in the intersection of these two quotes:

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."
- John Lennon

"Enjoy your worries, you may never have them again."
- The Books

The simplest of truths are often the easiest to forget.