where's waldo?

i've lost count, but i've sent out at least 42 copies of my resume over the last month. i've heard back from exactly three people. now, i realize my resume is nothing to write home about, but a seven percent rate of return? ridiculous.

while thinking of unique ways to fallaciously pad said resume, i got to thinking of the prevalence of the middle finger in my facebook profile picture. sure enough--i google my name, and wham! the big fuck you.

i suppose the straightforward solution would be to change my facebook picture to something a little more congenial. but, given the pride i take in bird throwing, that really didn't sit well with me.

so the next step was google. or, more to the point, why the hell is my facebook profile showing up in google results? basically, google works by crawling the web, going from webpage to webpage, following all the links on any given page. by following link after link after link, google constructs its view of the internets. it keeps an indexed record of the contents of every page it lands on, and through this mechanism it is able to serve your search results. but a page like facebook is a little different; google can't just start at facebook.com and crawl its way to every profile page. profile pages are not linked back to a central locus; therefore, for a profile page to show up in google search results, facebook must be proactively publishing user profile pages so that google can easily index them.

after a little digging, i discovered that this is exactly what is happening. from your facebook home page, go to "settings" --> "privacy settings" --> "search". at the bottom of this page there is an option to create a public search listing for your profile. deselect this shit.

without going into a winded privacy diatribe, it's pretty shady of facebook to enable this option by default. privacy options should default to the most restrictive, not the other way around. it would do the engineers at facebook well to review their CS1 course notes; apparently they've forgotten about the principle of least privilege.

anyways, my profile picture does not currently feature my middle finger, but you wouldn't be able to figure that out via google.