friday funnies

Last night, after watching this talk between Douglas Rushkoff and Daniel Pinchbeck, I attempted to sketch out a future blog post discussing potential ways for spiritually-minded people to engage others without sounding like complete fucking hippies. Or, how does one discuss the entheogenic experience--an ordeal that most often completely transcends linguistic descriptions--without sounding like a Coloradan new age book shop employee? I'm still working out the details, but the prognosis looks negative. To wit, the following craigslist post. Enjoy:

DC-area jam band seeks patchouli-smelling, technically-proficient individual to tape its live shows and post them to archive.org.

we've got a digital recording device you can use, and for the last year we've been slicing up our recordings in audacity and posting them to archive.org. we would really like to outsource this work to (or supplement it with) somebody who can name at least 10 instrumental originals by the dead, phish, string cheese or a similar band whose name i'm way too high to remember right now.

we play 1-4 shows per month: mostly bars and clubs, but would be willing to play cornfields and other outdoors venues if candidate requires overnight stay for "a more authentic experience" or whatever.

if you're too much of a sell-out to not just do it for the music, we might be able to pay you depending on your resume and how many tie-dyed articles of clothing you can confirm owning -- that is, if you believe in material ownership in the first place (if you're not, we're cool with that, too).

rock on,

local jam band